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ERALK FANG'S DRABBLE100: 44, 65, 71, 81, 90

Title: Rings
Fandom: Four Kings
Characters: Bobby/Jason
Prompt: Circle
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG.
Author's Notes: Slash.

Jason rubs the circle around his ring finger.

It doesn't mean anything. It came from a vending machine for 50 cents (which, by the way, he had to give Bobby). He had been surprised when Bobby had turned around and put it on his finger, but it's a trinket. A token of brotherly affection. It's a weapon for fending off Katie, the creepy secretary who has a crush on him. It is a false wedding ring, and that's all. End of story.

But when Katie mutters about all the good ones being taken, he wonders if Bobby would want him.

Title: Pass
Fandom: Four Kings
Characters: Jason/Ben
Prompt: Passing
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13. Implied!
Author's Notes: Slashy slash.

It's a Friday night, and Ben would pay to be anywhere but his dad's office, studying with Jason.

(He's sixteen and his hormones are going crazy and he doesn't want to be right next to Jason, Jason who smells good and has nice eyes, Jason who's one of his best friends, Jason who's a boy.)

"Do you want to ace this class, or pass this class?" Jason asks, and his knee bumps against Ben's.


"Then we have some time to kill." Jason smirks at Ben.

An hour later, Mrs. Wolfe is utterly scandalized when she opens the office door.

Title: Accident
Fandom: Four Kings
Characters: Bobby/Barry
Prompt: Broken
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG.
Author's Notes: Slashtastic.

There's a broken little figurine on the mantelpiece. Formerly, it was a little shepherd. Now, the little shepherd and his legs have gone their separate ways. All of Ben's grandmother's things are gone from the apartment, except this little shepherd.

"Whoops." Barry moves the shepherd pieces behind a vase.

"Do you think we might have done that?" Bobby asks. They were all over each other last night, and Bobby thinks he may remember a shattering sound when he pressed Barry up against the mantelpiece.

"You don't have enough passion in you to break anything."

"Is that a challenge?"

Barry grins.

Title: Obvious
Fandom: Four Kings
Characters: Ben/Barry
Prompt: Blind
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG.
Author's Notes: Loads of cookies if you spot the cameo. (It's very, very out there.) Oh yeah, and slash.

“Barry, we are not obvious. It’s not like we’re all over each other in public.” Ben says. “What’s the problem, anyways?”

“No! I want us to be obvious. Not like, making out in public obvious, but obvious enough that chicks won’t try and pick us up.”

“Is that really a problem for you?”

Barry gives Ben a look, and then taps the shoulder of the blonde woman sitting next to him at the bar. “Hey. Do we seem like a couple to you?”

“I can tell. And I’m blind.” She smiles at them and downs the rest of her drink.

Title: Something About Him
Fandom: Four Kings
Characters: Barry/Jason
Prompt: It
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG.
Author's Notes: Finally, I made Barry/Jason happen. Score! and SLASH.

There’s something about Jason Barry can’t quite put his finger on.

It’s in the way he’s confident. It’s in the way he works late into the night for his corperate job. It’s definitely in the way that he smiles. Barry just can’t figure it out, and he wants to know what it is. He’s impatient.

It’s late one night, when he jerks himself awake from a nightmare, when he realizes what it is. It’s the thing that’s made him make fun of Jason since they were little.

It is a crush.

Barry swears and tries to get back to sleep.

I just realized it's easier to crosspost. God, I'm slow. Crossposted to drabbles100.
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